Movie screening „The Blood of a poet” (1930) by Jean Cocteau

2022-10-29 / 9:00 PM

„The Blood of a poet” (1930) is the first avant-garde movie directed by the icon of French surrealism – Jean Cocteau. Not being recognized as a pure surrealist picture at first, “The blood of a poet” uses characteristic motive of dream and its relation to creative process, reflections, projections and mirroring bringing into mind the myth of the Narcissus. Most of all the film is based on the Orphic myth telling the story of a hero who had descendent in to hellish abyss to find his loved one. The film is a first part of Orphic Trilogy alongside with “Orpheus” (1950) and “Testament of Orpheus” (1960).

The film show will be preceded by a short introduction by Ewa Opałka.