“The Green Lion Devouring the Sun”. On the genesis, chemistry and meaning of gold

2023-01-28 / 7:00 PM

Ewa Partum’s slogan-manifesto “Now my idea is a golden idea” was a paradox typical of conceptualism, the meaning of which is suspended between a metaphorical and material reading. During the event, following this intellectual provocation, Tomasz Wichrowski in conversation with Ewa Opałka will talk about the historical fascination with gold. An important point of reference for the meeting will be the alchemical context: the title “Green Lion Devouring the Sun” comes from alchemical imagery and is a metaphor for sulfuric acid, which purifies matter, leaving gold. In addition, the conversation will touch on the anthropological fascination with this raw material, the colonial entanglement of its mass mining, as well as its contemporary status after resigning from gold parity in the 1970s.

Tomasz Wichrowski (born 1987 in Warsaw), collector, jewelry designer, editor. For several years he has been associated with the quarterly magazine “Przekrój”, where he runs a photography section and focuses on the subject of the history of jewelry and precious stones. In his goldsmithing projects he refers to ancient patterns and Georgian jewelry, the history of which he is particularly interested in.