Mariola Przyjemska “Trick at Mecone”

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September—November 2023

In Greek mythology, Trick at Mecone precedes the myth of the fire’s theft. The ancient Greeks used the first one to explain the necessity of ritual sacrifice of animals. The figure that relates these two myths is Prometheus and the title’s trick was to mislead the gods by the titan to choose the less attractive part of the ox to be sacrificed. For that insolence, the gods punished people by taking the fire out of them. The exhibition of the new works by Mariola Przyjemska is inspired by Greek antiquity and in a characteristic of the artist’s way, juxtaposes seemingly distanced contexts. The reflection on the understanding of non-human subjects in antiquity with the recall of their everlasting images is related to a theory of the elements and contemporary energy humanities. In Przyjemska’s new show, one can find a reflection on an industrial-era design taken from the neo-pop art perspective. One of the central pieces at the show is based on the 1957 model of Ronson’s lighter mysteriously called Varaflame.

The exhibition is part of the Warsaw Gallery Weekend 2023.

Photos: Adam Gut