newsletter #5


Dear All,

On March newsletter we are pleased to inform you about upcoming exhibition in Ewa Opałka Gallery, titled „The Madwoman in the Attic. Insanity and women’s creativity” and our new publication „Heartwood”, the monography album of Konrad Żukowski.


Ewa Opałka Gallery / Razem Pamoja Foundation

Opening of “The Madwoman in the Attic. Insanity and women’s creativity”
at Ewa Opałka / Razem Pamoja Foundation

On March 10th feel invited to the opening of the „The Madwoman in the Attic. Insanity and women’s creativity” exhibition at Ewa Opałka Gallery / Razem Pamoja Foundation. The title of the exhibition refers to an already classic book written in 1979, in the area of feminist literary criticism. Sandra M. Gilbert and Susan Gubar devoted it to the examination of literary works and biographies of Anglo-Saxon female writers, mostly Victorian, such as George Elliot, Mary Shelly, the Brontë sisters, Emily Dickinson, and Jane Austin. The researchers advance the thesis that in patriarchal culture, especially in previous centuries, women were not able to undertake creative activities, because they would be perceived as pathological individuals. Within the framework of the exhibition, the curator Ewa Opałka would like to point out such attitudes of women-artists that prove women still face similar challenges to those from Victorian culture − extremely conservative when it came to emancipation − when they undertake creative activities.

Artists: Edna Baud, Adéla Janská, Aleksandra Młynarczyk – Gemza, Ewa Partum, Mariola Przyjemska, Gabi Rosenzweig, Anna Zaradny

The Madwoman in the Attic. Insanity and women’s creativity

10.03 – 23.04.2023
Tue-Sat, 12-6
Opening: 10.03.23, 6 pm

Ewa Opałka Gallery in collaboration with Razem Pamoja Press & The Breeder are pleased to present Heartwood – Konrad Żukowski’s first album. The book opens with a conversation between Bartosz Przybył-Ołowski and Konrad Żukowski, which took place during an artistic residency in Athens. Next to it, you will find an article by Alkistis Tsampouraki (The Breeder) discussing the symbolic and affective contexts and Ewa Opałka’s article interpreting paintings, following the avant-garde inspirations of Żukowski’s wood sculptures. The album is complemented by Żukowski’s photos from the residence and reproductions of his paintings and sculptures presented at the double exhibition “Heartwood” in Athens and Warsaw in autumn 2022.

The author of the graphic design of the publication is Marta Lissowska. The book had its world premiere at the Felix Art Fair in Los Angeles in February 2023.

“Heartwood” is in a limited edition of 40, containing watercolors made by Konrad Żukowski

Publisher: The Breeder, Ewa Opałka Gallery / Together Pamoja Foundation, Pamoja Press
Place and date of publication: Athens, Warsaw 2023
Language: English
Number of pages: 112
Binding: hard

Dimensions: 25 × 17 cm
Edition: 40 copies (limited edition) + 60 copies

If you are interested feel free to contact us: