“CROP ROTATION Collected texts: 2005–2020” Aleksandra Młynarczyk-Gemza



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Crop Rotation / Collected Texts: 2005–2020 is a collection of autobiographical miniatures in prose and poetry by Aleksandra Młynarczyk-Gemza. It contains short, lyrical notes from the author’s personal archive (2005–2020) that make reference to the author’s experiences during various phases of her life: from a teenager exploring her subjective perspective in a village in southern Poland and then a high school pupil in the town of Żywiec, to a young woman recognizing her own body and desires while facing the challenges of being a young university student and then, later, a PhD candidate in Krakow. In contrast to Młynarczyk-Gemza’s literary debut, the auto-fictional book Notes of a Madwoman (2022), Crop Rotation defies all attempts at categorization and does not fall easily into any literary genres. It is more of a photographic essay, in which each text is counterpointed with a black-and-white photograph by Młynarczyk-Gemza. The logic of the texts is photographic – the diary notes are arranged chronologically like fragments of reality grasped with the camera’s lens. This is why the author herself likes to call it “punk haiku”. A prologue to the book, “2004: The Diary of a Sixteen-Year- Old” was published in Empiria, No. 2 “Deliria”, March 2023.

Publisher: Pamoja Press

Place: Warsaw

Release: 2023

Pages: 120

Language: Polish/English

Translation: Scotia Gilroy

Graphic design: Kaja Gliwa

Proofreading of the Polish texts: Anna Mirkowska

Price: 50 zł (+ shipping cost or personal collection in the gallery)